well, haven’t done anything with this blog for ages..forgot I  had it….lol..been too busy entering comps and winning some..just trying out my new toy….food processor…haven’t baked or cooked for ages but got bit between my teeth now..baking an eggless fruit at mo…but looks to be burning on top and still raw in middle…perhaps a bit ambitious for first project…might get some cake mixes and try them before do anything else from scratch…got to be easier eh?


angels and message from my late dad

It seems ages since I wrote on here, that’s because a lot of things have been happening.  Recently I won a comp in soul & spirit magazine to go to a psychic retreat.  I could choose from a selection so I chose to go to the Angels one in Devon. My husband wasn’t included in the prize so we had to pay for him to come.  surprisingly there was just about enough money in our paypal account to pay for his fees.  I thought this was a coincidence but no, we were told nothing is random, everything is pre-ordained, including the journey we choose to go on when our soul returns to earth…..Anyway the most spooky thing was when we were practising reading our angel cards and i had to pair up with Dolores ( a big bubbly lady of west indian descent) said to me i’ve got this song in my head ‘In the Navy’  I told her my late dad was in the merchant navy in last war.  She then carried on trying to read the cards, but the leader of the group said forget the cards, go with the mediumship…..She then said Dad was holding out lots of old pennies, I said that was my hubby’s hobby, he collects and restores old penny arcade machines and so has loads of old pennies…dad then apparently nodded towards hubby and said’ He’s a good’un’……then Dolores said he’s showing me blue and white,  wihtout thinking i said ‘oh, his parents (my grandparents) used to have lots of repro willow pattern plates…but then dolores said ‘well, now I’m getting the tune of yellow submarine.’  I said I knew what that was, we are all sheffield Wednesday supporters and we used to sing we all live in a blue and white sock to tune of yellow submarine..and mama and dad first met at an away match for Wednesday.  Then she said he keeps saying thomas is behind the sofa, well my grandkids love Thomas the Tank Engine and there’s loads of bits all round and under settee that keep getting lost.  He told dolores to tell me that my spine was out of alignment….spookily enough i was having an aromatherapy massage next morning and lo and behold she told me my spine is curving to the right at the top and bottom….so am thinking of going to docs to get it checked out..lots more things happened at retreat as well but will talk about that in a later blog….

fings aint wot they used to be

Wondering why we can never get hold of stuff that actually worked?  EU??? I’ve got a couple of painful mouth ulcers on my tongue and can’t find any Rinstead pastilles, tried Boot and Superdrug, just their own brands…Sainsbury’s used to have them but not any more it seems……could try the cure I used some years ago when I put my ulcerated tongue on the inside of the freezer, got shut of ulcers alright but also a layer of my tongue too…yes I know it was stupid, but as my kids and mam all tell me I might be clever but I haven’t any common sense….talking of thigs you can’t get, Tincture of Myrrrh, fob you off with oil of cloves now which isn’t nearly as good….Fuller’s Earth, now that worked, but at best you might be able to get the cream….recently my 3 year old grandson had Chickenpox, could only get calamine cream, managed to track down lotion in an old fashioned chemist….Thermogene has long since disappeared, can’t buy creosote for painting fences, something else that worked… everybody else as fed up as I am with the EU rules and regulations…..and we seem to be the only country that obeys its dictat, all others seem to go in in their own sweet way……never mind….life’s a bitch and theny you die…lol

psychic retreat

recently i ‘won’ a comp in soul & spirit mag to go to a psychic retreat, I thought it was for 2 people but no, just for me, as I’m a part-time carer to my husband and manage his meds, he will have to come with me so this prize has actully cost the best part of £500, not to mention the 2 packs of Angel cards we need to buy (available from Amazon) as it is an angel guidance course of 4 days but hey it’s down in Devon so if weather’s okay it’ll be fun plus the retreat has saunas, jacuzzis etc., all free to use…waiting for hubby’s complaint that we couldn’t get en-suite double room so it’s only standard ( what at that price, i hear you cry) and you’ll probably be able to hear hubby’s cooments loud and clear, no, i haven’t told him yet….plus he’ll tease me as i have trouble with strange toilets when they’re ensuite so how I’ll cope here remains to be seen..

things kids say

Hi..I’m a bit new to this so forgive me if I ramble a bit….I have 3 x grwon-up kids, 2 boys and a girl, and 3 xgrandchildren courtesy of my youngest child, my daughter….so I have 2 grandsons and a granddaughter..the other day our five year old grandson was taken ill at school???  We look after kids while daughter and son-in-law work and as we were on duty, so to speak, it fell to others to pick grandson up.. teacher rang and said he’s complaining of stomach ache and he’s gone very pale and not playing…just like hos mum, she used to be able to do that at drop of a hat..anyway to keep him amused granddad took him in his shed and made a simple led light for him..Ben was very pleased with it so much so that when his mum and dad came to pick him up after tea he ran down the patch shouting ‘ Daddy., I’ve got some LSD and it’s all different colours, his dad soon corrected him, ‘no, it’s an LED (light emitting diode) for those of you not in the know…thank goodness he corrected him or we might have had a visit from drug squad…….