psychic retreat

recently i ‘won’ a comp in soul & spirit mag to go to a psychic retreat, I thought it was for 2 people but no, just for me, as I’m a part-time carer to my husband and manage his meds, he will have to come with me so this prize has actully cost the best part of £500, not to mention the 2 packs of Angel cards we need to buy (available from Amazon) as it is an angel guidance course of 4 days but hey it’s down in Devon so if weather’s okay it’ll be fun plus the retreat has saunas, jacuzzis etc., all free to use…waiting for hubby’s complaint that we couldn’t get en-suite double room so it’s only standard ( what at that price, i hear you cry) and you’ll probably be able to hear hubby’s cooments loud and clear, no, i haven’t told him yet….plus he’ll tease me as i have trouble with strange toilets when they’re ensuite so how I’ll cope here remains to be seen..


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