fings aint wot they used to be

Wondering why we can never get hold of stuff that actually worked?  EU??? I’ve got a couple of painful mouth ulcers on my tongue and can’t find any Rinstead pastilles, tried Boot and Superdrug, just their own brands…Sainsbury’s used to have them but not any more it seems……could try the cure I used some years ago when I put my ulcerated tongue on the inside of the freezer, got shut of ulcers alright but also a layer of my tongue too…yes I know it was stupid, but as my kids and mam all tell me I might be clever but I haven’t any common sense….talking of thigs you can’t get, Tincture of Myrrrh, fob you off with oil of cloves now which isn’t nearly as good….Fuller’s Earth, now that worked, but at best you might be able to get the cream….recently my 3 year old grandson had Chickenpox, could only get calamine cream, managed to track down lotion in an old fashioned chemist….Thermogene has long since disappeared, can’t buy creosote for painting fences, something else that worked… everybody else as fed up as I am with the EU rules and regulations…..and we seem to be the only country that obeys its dictat, all others seem to go in in their own sweet way……never mind….life’s a bitch and theny you die…lol


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