angels and message from my late dad

It seems ages since I wrote on here, that’s because a lot of things have been happening.  Recently I won a comp in soul & spirit magazine to go to a psychic retreat.  I could choose from a selection so I chose to go to the Angels one in Devon. My husband wasn’t included in the prize so we had to pay for him to come.  surprisingly there was just about enough money in our paypal account to pay for his fees.  I thought this was a coincidence but no, we were told nothing is random, everything is pre-ordained, including the journey we choose to go on when our soul returns to earth…..Anyway the most spooky thing was when we were practising reading our angel cards and i had to pair up with Dolores ( a big bubbly lady of west indian descent) said to me i’ve got this song in my head ‘In the Navy’  I told her my late dad was in the merchant navy in last war.  She then carried on trying to read the cards, but the leader of the group said forget the cards, go with the mediumship…..She then said Dad was holding out lots of old pennies, I said that was my hubby’s hobby, he collects and restores old penny arcade machines and so has loads of old pennies…dad then apparently nodded towards hubby and said’ He’s a good’un’……then Dolores said he’s showing me blue and white,  wihtout thinking i said ‘oh, his parents (my grandparents) used to have lots of repro willow pattern plates…but then dolores said ‘well, now I’m getting the tune of yellow submarine.’  I said I knew what that was, we are all sheffield Wednesday supporters and we used to sing we all live in a blue and white sock to tune of yellow submarine..and mama and dad first met at an away match for Wednesday.  Then she said he keeps saying thomas is behind the sofa, well my grandkids love Thomas the Tank Engine and there’s loads of bits all round and under settee that keep getting lost.  He told dolores to tell me that my spine was out of alignment….spookily enough i was having an aromatherapy massage next morning and lo and behold she told me my spine is curving to the right at the top and bottom….so am thinking of going to docs to get it checked out..lots more things happened at retreat as well but will talk about that in a later blog….


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